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The Donkeys + Seán Barna


The Donkeys + Seán Barna (Album Release) at Comet Ping Pong
$12 10:00 PM All Ages

The Donkeys - San Diego
California places a distinct sonic stamp upon the music born within its boundaries. Owens had his Bakersfield, Parsons his Joshua Tree, and Malkmus his Stockton, and in their tunes you can hear dust, desert highways, and skateboards gliding over suburbia. The Donkeys have San Diego, and from that environment have woven a fundamental ease in their music - a rock, a roll, a sway, a slide - you could even call it a breeze. On Ride the Black Wave, The Donkeys continue their easy rolling, classic vibrations, but add a mystery and tension that make this record their most lyrically and instrumentally compelling.

Ride the Black Wave embodies what Jack Kerouac described of California's coast as having an "end of the land sadness." The Donkeys stare out at the ocean in a "fantastic drowse" - a kind of pensiveness towards their environs that summons the elements of sound and style that belong only to them. In "Blues In The Afternoon", a collective mantra, the band runs out of land and asks of the ocean to offer suggestions about their fate. It is songs like these that prove the Donkeys are a band in the true sense of the word, sharing each other's worry and wonder. With RTBW, The Donkeys have further caged their craft and have accomplished the delicate and artful challenge of taming the captured, while also letting it be wild.

Seán Barna (DC)
Album Release Show

Seán Barna is a singer, songwriter, and drummer based in New York City.

Employing a highly-visual lyrical panache and an atypically full-throated singing style, Barna is preparing to release Cissy, a gasping, 5-song exploration of isolation, anxiety, queerness, and mortality. Written and recorded in a marathon four-day session in an old tavern-turned-studio in upstate New York and featuring a collaboration with Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows, Cissy is a measured, brutally observant deconstruction of masculinity, where the main players in the story – drag queens, mothers, queers, office workers, and wanderers – come together in the name of excess to achieve a well-worn life. Whether redefining gender norms and savoring a cheap beer the morning after a big night, these characters find peace on their own terms, with drugs, sex, fashion, and beautiful music.

Barna plays both drums and guitar on Cissy, but it is his rare poetic bravado and stream-of-consciousness vocal delivery – theatrical and pained but grounded and honest – that guides us, shines a light on our traumas, and invites us in for a drink.

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