About Sasha Lord

Photo Credit: Vivian Martinez 

Photo Credit: Vivian Martinez 

Sasha Lord is a Brooklyn NY and Washington DC-based concert promoter with an artistic eye and ear. With a focus on independent touring artists, avant-garde performers, and local bands, Sasha pushes the boundaries of live music experiences and creates accessible shows for concert-goers.

Currently serving as the General Manager of the Market Hotel (Brooklyn) and Trans Pecos (Queens), Lord also works as part of the booking team at both venues. In addition to her work at the Market Hotel and Trans Pecos, Lord is also the Primary Booker at Comet Ping Pong (DC).

An avid traveler, Lord enjoys hitting the road as a tour manager with popular bands and exploring unusual locations on personal trips. Follow her adventures on Instagram, @SashaLordPresents.

With years of experience in music and art, Sasha has accumulated numerous credits. Read more about Sasha Lord, and view her full resume.