Photo Credit:  Alex Sol

Photo Credit: Alex Sol

Photo Credit:  Joshua Yospyn

Photo Credit: Joshua Yospyn

"Long a bastion for touring bands, local acts, pizza lovers, families and ping-pong enthusiasts, the eclectic atmosphere fostered by Comet Ping Pong has proved its mettle and lasting resilience time and time again. For over a decade now, the Chevy Chase dining room and performance slash ping-pong space in the back have showcased the weird, the punk, the rock, the indie, and the experimental that D.C. and the eastern seaboard has to offer. Sasha Lord’s booking prowess, the undefeated combination of great pizza and beer, and the resolute group of artists, families, and neighbors that call Comet home will assure the continued success as one of the most unique venues in D.C."

- Josh Phelps, Brightest Young Things

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